The aim of the forum is to discuss interregional and international interactions of government agencies and non-state actors, the role and place of scholarly traditions and lawmaking activities in the current situation of sustainable development of the Arctic.

The program includes the following sections and subsections:

1. Social Innovations in the Arctic
1.1. Mass Media and the Arctic 
1.2. Training of Personnel for the North and the Arctic 
1.3. Culture and Art of the Arctic Peoples 
1.4. Arctic Tourism 
1.5. Interests of the BRICS Countries in the Arctic and Opportunities for Russia 

2. Network of Arctic and Antarctic Reference Observations
2.1. Complex Use of Water Resources and Their Protection in the Arctic (interdisciplinary point of view) 
2.2. Climate Change and the Arctic 
2.3. Scientific Substantiation of Sustainable Development of Territories Inhabited by Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic

Round table "The Role of Young Scientists in Comprehensive Ecological and Geographical Studies of the Arctic" 
Round table "Classification of the Vegetation of the Russian Arctic"

3. Foundations of Legislative Activity in the Arctic: Scientific Understanding

3.1. Fundamentals of the Formation of Environmental Law in the Arctic and the Russian Arctic
3.2. The Arctic in the Socio-Legal Dimension 

The Youth Model of the Arctic Council (MIAS) 
Round table "International Economic Cooperation in the Arctic".

See the detailed program in English here.

Abstracts are accepted till October 15, registration is open till October 22, 2018.
Registration fee: 2500 RUB (~31 EUR) for regular participants, 500 RUB (~6 EUR) for postgraduate students.

Register and submit your abstract here.

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