The school was aimed at preparing students, studying at NArFU's Higher School of Energy, Oil and Gas, for their future rotational work in the High North. It was a joint initiative of the NArFU lecturers, who lead the UArctic TN "Working in the Arctic", and their partners from "Rosneft - Arkhangelsk" (RN-Arkhangelsknefteprodukt).

At the school the students learned how to preserve their health and wellbeing while working on a rotation basis in the Arctic: how to resolve complicated and dangerous situations, estimate one's own abilities and qualities, manage stress and self-control. The psychologists helped the students to develop communication skills, necessary for team-work and career planning.

The school included various forms of activities: business games, trainings, masterclasses, such as "Success competence", "Stress resistance and self-control", "Family and career", "Successful CV and job interview" and etc.