This course introduces the concept of tourist experience as an individual and socio-cultural process by relying on the case of Rovaniemi and its Christmas brand. The theoretical part of the course offers insights into the experience economy and Christmas as an organizational phenomenon. In addition to lectures, the course follows a case study approach to identify and evaluate the relationship between the Rovaniemi Christmas brand values and the service offered by local tourism companies. Particular attention will be given to the role of storytelling, gastronomy and Arctic nature in the creation of Christmas experiences. The course is based on a balanced combination of lectures, business cases and workshops.

Applicants must fill out the application form and submit a brief, one-page motivation letter (in English, maximum of 3000 characters with spaces) based on the following points:

•Explain why you apply for the Christmas Experience Academy at the Multidimensional Tourism Institute, Rovaniemi, Lapland.
•Please indicate what do you study, which study year and where.
•If you are studying tourism or hospitality, please briefly describe the focus of your studies and your familiarity with the concept of tourism experiences.
•If you are not studying tourism or hospitality, please indicate how many courses related to tourism or service experiences you have taken during your studies.
•Describe how your previous education, work history, hobbies and personality make you a good candidate for joining the Christmas Experience Academy. Why do you think you are the right person for the summer school?
•How do the Christmas Experience Academy contribute to your personal and professional development?

The course fee is 700 €. Christmas Experience Academy grants a special scholarship for the first ten students to apply and to get accepted to the academy. The scholarship is 200 €. (The scholarship does not apply to students of University of Lapland, Lapland UAS and Kajaani UAS.) If granted the scholarship, your course fee will be 500 € in total.

The course fee for students of University of Lapland, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Kajaani UAS, University of Iceland, and Holar University College is 150 €.

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