The Sámi National Day is celebrated differently across Sapmi (The Sámi area).

In Tromsø, Norway, for example, there is an entire Sámi week leading up to the Sámi National Day. The week includes a Sámi market that takes place during the weekend. Other events include the Lasso Throwing Championships and Reindeer Race Championships. There are also exhibitions open during the week at the Tromsø museum, Sámi films at the Fokus Aurora Cinema and other activities for all ages at the Tromsø Library.

In Jokkmokk, Sweden, an annual winter market takes place near the Sámi National day. Local products including elk, reindeer, smoked trout, Sámi bread and handicrafts be found at the market. Nearby, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in outdoor activities or watch dog races.

Inari-Saariselkä, Finland, is rich in Sámi culture. Home to the Siida Sámi museum, Sajos, the Sámi Institute and the Indigenous People's Film Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about Sámi culture. The film festival, which took place last week, hosted a variety of Sámi films and other films by Indigenous filmmakers from around the world.

Murmansk, Russia, is known to host annual celebrations on the Sámi National Day. Activities are typically organised from 4-6 February, focusing on Sámi culture and language, with the flag-raising taking place on 6 February.

The Sámi are the European Union's only official indigenous group, with their culture and traditions reaching across several borders.

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