The first five days of the expedition will be held in the natural-rehabilitation complex "Gnezdo", a place in a picturesque area near Tyumen on the Pyshma River bank. The next stage of the expedition will take place on the famous deep-water Lake Baikal shore. The time spent on the lake will be combined with seminars and first practical exercises.

The final point of the geocryological field practice will become the village of New Chara. Chara River cliffs are perfect outcrops of polygonal veins, they are always well expressed thanks to constant river washover. Ancient glaciers deposits and accompanying phenomena of cryolithozone, including well-pronounced various types of ice can be seen directly behind the outcrops.

As a result of the expedition participants will get an idea of all geocryological phenomena formation features and their interaction.

More information can be found in the Information letter.

Registration deadline is  March 1, 2018.

To register, please contact Vladimir Sheinkman, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Cryology of the Earth