The Centennial Postdoctoral Initiative seeks early career scientists, scholars, or artists who will engage in research or creative expression relevant to Alaska, the circumpolar north, or other UAF research priorities. Three to four awards per year are anticipated during this multi-year recruitment process.

Each recipient should pursue his or her own research interests in association with a faculty sponsor in such a way that it will benefit the research of both the postdoctoral researcher and the faculty sponsor. Each award recipient will be provided with office space in close proximity to the faculty sponsor and will share laboratory space with that sponsor, if needed, throughout the award period. Recipients are expected to author papers for peer review as well as collaborate with the sponsor and potentially, other university researchers and/or a private or public-sector partner.

Applicants must have received a doctoral degree within the past five years at the time of application. Successful applicants must have completed their final thesis and have co-authored at least two peer-reviewed publications based on original research, or have equivalent accomplishments in a creative or scholarly discipline, prior to being offered the University of Alaska Fairbanks Centennial Postdoctoral appointment. Publications may be "in press."

Applicants do not need to have received their degree prior to applying, as long as the above requirements are met prior to appointment offer. It is also expected that candidates will have a command of the English language.

The following schools and colleges are also eligible to host Centennial post-doctoral scholars:

  • College of Liberal Arts,
  • School of Education (transitioning to a Division of Education within a College),
  • School of Management, and
  • College of Rural and Community Development

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