The high school had invited her to speak about the Finnish pedagogy and the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching. Professor Turunen gave a lecture about the topic "Phenomenon based pedagogy and ICT: How to promote pedagogically sound education with ICT?"

In her presentation, professor Turunen explored the topics of phenomenon-based education and the use of ICT in Finnish schools. According to her, things we might consider while talking about education, are the context in which teaching and learning take place, how to translate national curricula into local conditions and the role that digitalization does have in future learning and citizenship.  

Professor Turunen also presented some examples of the use of ICT in teaching and learning in Finland. Playful learning and digital platforms, as well as inclusive and affective pedagogies have been adapted to Finnish schools. Innovative approaches to education for sparsely populated areas have been made, for example in the form of digital classrooms.

According to Turunen, authentic learning can be accomplished through meaningful learning tasks. Having a real-world relevance in the learning tasks promotes the transfer of knowledge. Interdisciplinary perspectives and multi-faceted learning, as well as multiple perspectives are needed in order to educate students to navigate in diverse and ever-changing global world.