The forum has taken place in Murmansk under the authority of "Rosatom" state corporation's community board. The UrFU delegation consisted of the representatives of the GSEM Research and Educational Center "INZHEK", Ural Power Engineering Institute's Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Renewable Energy Sources, Institute of Physics and Technology's departments of Experimental Physics and Physics of High-Energy Processes.

Universities in nuclear regions of Russia have been observing the role of nuclear power in reducing the environmental impact. Creative teams of students and teachers have prepared 37 projects from which the experts have chosen 10 to be presented at the forum. Four projects by UrFU teams made the cut: "Green Power of the Industrial Region",  "Development of Nuclear Power in the Arctic: Problems and Prospects", "The Prospects of Use of Sverdlovsk Region Energy Resources in the "Green Square' Concept", "Multimedia Technologies as Means of the Enhancement the Radiation Literacy amongst the General Public".

"Work on the practice-oriented cross-disciplinary projects connected with the strategic courses of Russian economy development, their ecological context, an opportunity to present results at such a high-profile forum was an incentive for further development of our students", said Professor Elena Magaril, the Head of the Environmental Economics Department at UrFU.

Since 2013 Ural Federal University has been a participant of the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100. The key goal of the project is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

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