Climate change and conservation of the existing biodiversity was the key theme of the youth congress.

The students had prepared different presentations, each unique to their region relating to biodiversity. The presentations also involved how the effect of climate change is affecting the humans living in each region and how humans and animals alike, have to adapt to the new conditions the increasing changes are posing.

The youth emphasized the need for change in order to avoid facing bigger problems in the future.

Mika Riipi, the Governor of Lapland, visited the congress. He had a clear message to the youth.

  1. Speak up!

Do not be afraid to speak up to make your opinions heard.

  1. Participate!

Take part and engage in new projects.

  1. Innovate!

We all know the problems, what we need are solutions.

Svein Mathiesen professor at University of the Arctic EALAT Institute held a lecture about the effect of climate change, specifically what effect it has on the Sami people and the reindeer herds. He captivated the youth, engaging them with questions and statements about their regions, and the global impact of climate change.

During the past year, the delegations had worked on creating posters and paintings, which they brought to the congress. The posters were a representation of the work each delegation had put in their presentations, where each poster gave a full overview of the different projects. The paintings represented the diversity of the different regions, concerning flora and fauna of the individual regions.

The youth delegations socialized with each other, creating the seeds for future networks. Following in the footsteps of its big brother, the Arctic Biodiversity Congress of 2018, where one of the key themes were: Improving knowledge and public awareness, where the youth plays a vital role in continuing the message, as they are the future.