Dimensions is an innovative research data platform that links data from across a broad scope of disciplines all in one place. Developed in partnership with over 100 leading research organizations around the world, Dimensions aims to break down barriers to discovery and innovation by enabling users to find and access the most relevant information faster, analyze the academic and broader outcomes of research more effectively, and gather better insights to inform future activities.

“We are looking forward to exploring how Dimensions can help find new insights into the multiple layers of Arctic science, which encompass all subject areas and many countries”, - shared Lars Kullerud, President of UArctic.

“It’s great to have an alternative and so massively linked science information data set, which combines several types of information. For the Arctic research community, which is really global and interconnected, we will see many more angles of research funding flows, patents, and also publications, which did not make their way to the conventional solutions – something many Arctic scientists wanted to see. It will be interesting to have deeper insight into how it will help UArctic and Arctic Council to do better horizon scanning and trends analysis," said Dr. Igor Osipov, Chair of UArctic Science & Research Analytics Institute.