The Herbivory Network 2023 meeting took place in Cambridge Bay, June 13-16, 2023. The meeting was hosted at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS), a leading research facility run by Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) in the community of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

GRID-Arendal is a non-profit environmental communications centre located in Arendal on the south coast of Norway. They are seeking an experienced and strategic manager that can further develop GRID-Arendal in times of multiple global challenges.

With global warming advancing much faster than earlier assumed, the world is getting dangerously close to crossing several climate tipping points. Most of them are associated with the polar regions, and each will have severe global consequences, impacting the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

National and university coordinators are meeting at the UiT – The Arctic University of Norway campus in Alta to discuss logistics, challenges, and updates to north2north.

The IAU 2023 Intercultural Conference will take place from 25-27 November 2023 at Qatar University in Doha. The conference will explore how universities around the world promote and support intercultural learning and dialogue, the impact geopolitics is having on this goal, and the broader implications it has for our society.

Professor Timo Jokela, UArctic Chair in Arctic Art, Design and Culture, was awarded the J.V. Snellman Medal for his extensive life's work for the North.