The NNA Program has been developing two important approaches to generating new knowledge: (1) empowering local and Indigenous voices in Arctic research and new ways of knowing through meaningful Arctic community engagement and (2) deepening convergent research. There is much work to be done in both areas. Investigators and community members interested in conducting work in these areas may submit proposals to relevant core programs at NSF and are encouraged to contact cognizant Program Officers to discuss the scope of proposed research activities.

Navigating the New Arctic within the Directorate for Geosciences will be superseded by a new effort which builds on the core success of engaging with local communities and broadens the scope to look at resilient futures for these communities. To remain apprised of related developments, please sign up to get NSF funding information from the funding search page.

Investigators and community members with questions about a particular project should contact their managing Program Officer. The current managing Program Officer may be found in

For any further questions about the NNA Program, please contact

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