This letter invites current NSF grantees to submit supplemental funding requests for research visits to any identified, appropriate European Research Council (ERC)-funded European research group. NSF particularly encourages requests from NSF grantees who are early in their careers or who are still actively building their careers. Further, the letter gives instructions on how to submit supplemental funding requests and other relevant policies and requirements.

This opportunity is open only to Principal Investigators (PI) and co-PIs of active NSF awards. Supplemental funding may be used to support travel for the PI, co-PI, postdocs, other Senior Personnel, and graduate students funded on the award. NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellows with active Fellowships also are encouraged to pursue international research opportunities and may be eligible to submit to this opportunity. Fellows must contact their cognizant Program Director before submitting an application.

NSF awardees may request supplemental funding for a single short-term or a single long-term research visit or multiple short- term visits. Multiple short-term visits should aggregate to a minimum amount of time as agreed in advance between the NSF grantee and the ERC-funded PI. For definition, research visits of less than six months are considered short-term, whereas visits of six months to one year are long-term visits. The maximum duration for either a single visit or the cumulation of multiple visits is 12 months.

Requests must be received at NSF at least three months prior to the proposed visit, but no later than 26 May 2023, for consideration using Fiscal Year 2023 funds.

To read the full solicitation, go to:
NSF Dear Colleague Letter