This open access handbook is based on inclusive education, which respects diversity and encourages a greater connection between children and the local natural world. Throughout the Handbook are tips on how to adapt activities for children with disabilities, neurodivergent children, or children who may have speech delays or who are in the process of learning the local languages. The handbook is part of the Youth for Arctic Nature (YAN), which is an international project funded by NORA for the years 2021-2024. YAN aims to encourage youth to go out and study local nature. The project goals are: 

  • Encourage youth to participate in the study of nature and climate change in the Arctic. 
  • Connect Arctic youth who are interested in their local nature. 
  • To empower youth in wildlife monitoring. 

Authors and Affiliation 

Deisi Maricato is the pedagogist working on the project on environmental education. She works in the Department of Rural Tourism at Hólar University. 

Dr. Jessica Aquino is the manager of YAN. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Rural Tourism at Hólar University. Jessica is a member of UArctic's Thematic Network on Northern Tourism.

You can access the book for free here.