The population of the station can vary from 3 to 150 residents at a time (over 400 different individuals annually), coming from all over the world. This position supports the residents and staff at the station from the Toolik support offices located on the UAF campus, as well as periodically in residence at Toolik Field Station. The position is full-time through the summer, spring and fall field seasons (approximately 7-8 months) and half-time through the winter field season (4-5 months). The exact breakdown will depend on levels of use of Toolik Field Station and other factors. Driving duties required.


Maintenance of Toolik Field Station vehicle fleet. The TFS logistics office manages a fleet of around 9 NSF federally plated trucks, 4 UAF trucks, some IAB legacy trucks, and variable numbers of out of state project trucks. All trucks are operated on the remote and demanding Dalton Highway. This position assists the Logistics Coordinator with the scheduling and operation of the truck fleet with approximately 100 round trips and hundreds of individual passengers on the Dalton Highway annually. This position assists the Logistics Coordinator in the maintenance of the entire truck fleet, including simple maintenance (bulbs, fluids,…etc.), washing, cleaning, 360 degree maintenance and safety checks, repair to CB radios and toppers, and coordination with repair shops in town. Major maintenance and repairs are contracted with local shops. Maintenance records are required to be maintained. This position performs driving orientations for drivers of TFS vehicles with emphasis on Dalton Highway driving safety. This position maintains driving records as per federal insurance and UAF requirements.

Expediting, pickup, delivery, and procurement of field station and project supplies. This position receives supply requests, checks requests for accuracy prioritizes requests, and picks supplies up at vendors around Fairbanks, and occasionally uses a departmental Procard to procure items. Requests come from multiple departments, including maintenance, GIS, environmental monitoring, meteorological station, camp operations, and food service. Requests can be technical and complex in nature and require a technical understanding of each operation. 

Shipping and receiving. This position performs shipping and receiving functions for Toolik Field Station. This includes logging and labeling of all freight between Fairbanks and TFS. This position maintains this information in an online tracking system. This position helps research projects from around the world to prepare shipments of sometimes technical and hazardous equipment to and from home institutions to Toolik Field Station.

Logistics Coordination. This position fills in for duties under the logistics coordinator in times of high demand or leave of another employee. These duties include the scheduling of a vehicle fleet, transportation coordination of TFS staff and users, and coordination with on-site TFS staff on Fairbanks support needs. 

Project assistance to research groups using Toolik Field Station. This position communicates and coordinates with projects working out of Toolik Field Station on issues relating to transportation, logistics, supplies, and procurement. This includes ensuring that requested supplies are forwarded to camp in a timely and appropriate manner.

Daily logistics office tasks. This position answers telephones, fields questions, assists visiting researchers with local support, collects and distributes mail, and maintains storage areas. 

Travel to Toolik Field Station. This position will be required on occasion to drive groups consisting of staff and researchers between Fairbanks and Toolik Field Station. The position will provide safe transportation along a remote, industrial, and sometimes poorly maintained highway. Short shifts filling in Field Operations or Winter Assistants may be required.

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