The position is financed via the Center for Maritime Studies (CEMAS) for a period of six years. CEMAS is a collaboration between Stockholm University and the Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums (SMTM). The purpose of the collaboration is to strengthen the maritime research field through interaction between the fields of History, Archaeology and Ethnology. Maritime archaeology is concerned with human activities connected with the sea and water. Of special interest to the CEMAS partnership is the maritime environments in the Nordic countries and northern Europe.

The appoinee will be expected to contribute to the CEMAS partnership and to the Department of Archaeology through research and teaching, as well as collaboration. The main duties are: To deliver high-quality teaching in maritime and historical archaeology at both undergraduate and master’s level, to contribute to course/program development, to supervise the work of students at undergraduate and master’s levels, to seek external research funding and to conduct their own research, to contribute to departmental research activities/environment and to undertake administrative duties within the department. Teaching is in Swedish or English The duties also include collaboration with SMTM which includes contributing to the joint research environment and to applications for external funding.

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