Dr. Tuija Turunen of the University of Lapland will describe Finland’s approach to teacher education and for working conditions and support for teachers in the classroom. While many have described Finland’s internationally recognized educational success in recent decades as a “miracle”, it is anything but that. Rather, Finland has applied research-based best practices in teacher preparation and in education, and implemented a schooling system in which teachers are trusted as professionals who are competent in both teaching and in assessing learning. Join us to learn more about Finland’s system and the lessons we might take for improving teaching and learning in Alaska.

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Professor Tuija Turunen is Dean at the Faculty of Education, University of Lapland, Finland, where she also leads the teacher education program. Turunen holds the UArctic Chair in Education for Social Justice and Diversity and leads the UArctic and the UNESCO/UNITWIN networks on Teacher Education for Social Justice and DIversity. Professor Turunen's current research focuses on teacher education, Indigenous education, professional development in higher education, educational transitions (especially starting school), multi-professional work in schools, and preventative school welfare work.