The theme of the 2023 Academy is inspired by the rich circumpolar cooperation and regionalization by local & regional non-state actors – Indigenous peoples’ organizations, sub-national governments, non-governmental organizations, civil societies – and their important contributions for multi-level governance. These contributions, as well as the entire work, are done under an emerging pressure of the environmental catastrophe and climate crisis, as well as the new (East-West) great power rivalry and the related power politics. Local & regional actors also face, by concrete ways, a paradox of Arctic development whenever a balance has been sought between environmental protection & climate change mitigation and economic activities due to ‘political inability’ of the Arctic states to make hard decisions.

The 2023 Academy will be organized with a spirit of an open dialogue and a participatory approach to discuss and analyze Northern and Arctic issues. The Academy aims to apply the double interplay between science, politics and business, and that between scientific and Indigenous knowledge, as well as to educate and supervise early-career scientists in interdisciplinary circumpolar studies and implement transdisciplinary dialogue between different stakeholders.

This is the 2nd Call for Papers for early-career scientists (PhD candidates, post-docs), and established researchers with different academic backgrounds to participate & present their work in the 2023 Academy. The deadline for applications is 17 April 2023 - applications submitted online at

About the Calotte Academy
The Calotte Academy is an annual, international academic symposium & traveling doctoral school, with high expertise, policy-orientation and open discussion, to discuss, examine and analyze Northern & Arctic issues. It is designed to promote interdisciplinary research and implement the interplay between senior & young researchers for to supervise in Northern & Arctic studies. It is also an experimental “School of dialogue” and participatory by nature with a commitment to share expertise for knowledge-building and foster academic & policy-oriented dialogue among members of the research community & a wide range of other stakeholders.

The annual Academy, organized since 1991, is a perfect platform for early-career scientists (PhD candidates and post-docs), established researchers and other experts, with different academic and/or knowledge backgrounds, to participate and present and discuss their work.

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Calotte Academy 2023 - Second Call for Papers

For more information, please contact with Prof. Lassi Heininen (, Prof. Laura Junka-Aikio (, and Academy's co-coordinators, PhD Candidate Daria Mishina ( & PhD Candidate Salla Pasula ( at University of Lapland.