For the first time hosted by the Arctic Anthropology Research Team in Lapland, this on-site conference invites contributions to an anthropology of relations and beyond, celebrating the multiplicity of facets and “theoretical heterogeneity [that] may strengthen rather than weaken the force of relations as a general concept”.

These theoretical avenues will be addressed by the three keynotes at this conference, by Dame Marilyn Strathern (University of Cambridge), Timothy Ingold (University of Aberdeen) and Piers Vitebsky (University of Cambridge). Timothy Ingold is one of UArctic Chairs. All of them have already made significant contributions to this field, for example through their study of the changing relations between people, animals and spirits, and to the general debate of what is the unit of anthropological enquiry: humans, animals, species or beings in general?

Conference organising committee

Anthropology Research Team, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland: Florian Stammler (lead of Thematic Network on Arctic Extractive Industries), Nuccio Mazzullo, Teresa Komu, Panu Itkonen, Ria-Maria Adams.

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