Call number two is now open.

To register your interest for a co-funded position at the Arctic Research School with a focus on Sustainable Development, the following information will be requested:

  1. Project Title (in both Swedish and English)
  2. Department
  3. Submission Date
  4. Applicant supervisor
  5. Assistant supervisor(s)
  6. Abstract (in both Swedish and English, max 1500 characters each)
  7. Description of societal relevance and connection to the Arctic Graduate School, especially with regard to Sustainable Development
  8. Relevance to the development of interdisciplinary competence in Arctic research at Umeå University, as well as the subject-specific research front (max 1500 characters including spaces)
  9. Research environment. Describe the scientific environment of which the doctoral student will be a part (max 1500 characters including spaces)
  10. Ethical aspects. Describe the ethical aspects of the project (note that all research has ethical aspects), including whether ethical approval is available, to be sought or not applicable: (max 1500 characters including spaces)
  11. The head of my department / equivalent supports my idea (yes/no)
  12. The applicant must attach a CV (maximum two pages), and a list of publications. The assistant supervisor may attach their CV if it is considered to benifit the application. The list of publications must include the applicant's publications in the last 7 years, with the five publications considered most relevant to the project application marked with an asterisk (*).

Deadline for applications: 17 February 2023

Contact: Anngelica Kristoferqvist, Email, +46 90 786 54 35

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