The research collaboration aims to promote research that informs the sustainability and revitalization of values based and culture informed maternal and child health and wellness programs in circumpolar regions.
The CMCH programs and services research collaboration aims to build research partnerships and contribute to a diverse knowledge base for a community informed approach to values informed and culture based maternal, family and child services.
The workshop is open to care providers, Indigenous knowledge keepers, families, clients and researchers. The workshop goals are to:
1) describe the scope of community based and values informed maternal health system programs in circumpolar regions and highlight the languages for care used in circumpolar communities.
2) explore research approaches that explore the scope and design of culturally appropriate Indigenous service delivery.
3) compare the programs and policies in selected topics between circumpolar nations and highlight policies that inform best practices for values based and culture informed care.
4) explore approaches to research guided by trauma informed practices, mixedmethods, and Indigenous knowledge.

In the upcoming workshop we will expand these objectives further and identify ways to collaborate as researchers, communities, Indigenous knowledge holders, Elders, perinatal families, and service providers in the research.
There are a limited number of seats available for the in-person workshop. Some sessions will be available on-line.
To register for the workshop, please complete the google form.
If you have any questions, please contact the workshop coordinator Hennessey Chartier Ford at