The agreement is recognizing the mutual benefits to be gained through cooperative programmes promoting scholarly activities and international understanding.

The agreement was signed by Vice Chancellor Aaron Dotson and Director at High North Center Nord University Frode Mellemvik, on behalf of Chancellor Sean Parnell at University of Alaska Anchorage and Rector Hanne Solheim Hansen at Nord University.

In his speech at the signing ceremony Mellemvik underlined that this agreement is much in line with the priorities of the Norwegian Chairship of Arctic Council.

"The agreement is especially connected to the work for sustainable economic development in the Arctic as well as to strengthening people in the North." Says Mellemvik.

Vice Chancellor Dotson points out the huge potential for cooperation that this agreement opens for.

"We are excited to expand from individual faculty and student connections to institutional collaborative opportunities in research projects, scientific activities, and student exchanges." Says Dotson.

This agreement will be followed up in separate agreements connected to the different actions.

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