UArctic Day on October 12

On October 12, before the Arctic Circle Assembly formally kicks off, three UArctic meetings are taking place simultaneously in Reykjavík.

The UArctic Chairs convene for their first joint meeting with nearly all Chairs present. In addition to getting to know one another, the Chairs will focus on organizing their work as academic drivers in their areas of expertise, and brainstorm on new ideas and actions.

A group of UArctic Founders will be sitting around the same table for the first time in years, perhaps for the first time in twenty years, as they join a meeting with the UArctic President and other UArctic leadership and staff to discuss the past, present and future of the network. 

The second Frederik Paulsen High-level Seminar will take place on October 11-12 as a pre-event of the Arctic Circle Assembly. Titled "Managing the Arctic's Icy Treasure", the Seminar focuses on frozen Arctic conservation, with special focus on conserving the Greenland ice sheet while empowering communities. The Seminar is organized by Professor John Moore from the University of Lapland, also the lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Frozen Arctic Conservation, and supported by UArctic Board Chair Frederik Paulsen. 


Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award

The winner of the second FP Award, which is both a high-level recognition and a 100,000 euro grant, will be announced at the Arctic Circle Assembly on the evening of October 14 in the reception organized in honour of the winner. The award winner will speak in the Assembly plenary session on the afternoon of October 15, after which they will present the winning project in a session of their own. 

The award is a joint initiative of UArctic and the Arctic Circle and named after UArctic Board Chair Frederik Paulsen. 


UArctic in the Arctic Circle Assembly program

For exact times and the full program, visit the Arctic Circle Assembly webpages

Wednesday, October 12

Thursday, October 13

Friday, October 14

Saturday, October 15

  • Session: Asian-Arctic collaboration: Lessons for the Future (UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic in Asia and Asia in the Arctic)
  • Session: Introducing Critical Arctic Studies (UArctic Thematic Network on Critical Arctic Studies)
  • Session: ICARP IV - Arctic Scientific Planning for the Next Decade (UArctic as a partner)
  • Plenary session: Speech by the Winner(s) of the Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award
  • Session: Presentation from the Winner of the Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award