The objective is to support graduates whose final projects will contribute to increase the value of the sea as a resource, as well as strengthen the economy in the West Fjords.

Graduate students in all universities in Iceland can apply for a grant. In addition to this grant, the companies in Sjávarútvegsklasi Vestfjarða will provide information, share their experience and supply raw materials, information and facilities as needed at each time. This will give students good insight into exiting new projects in the fisheries industry in the West Fjords. Between 3-7 final projects will be selected and students can apply for grants of ISK 250,000- 750,000 depending on the relevant project. The time limit to submit applications is until 1st of June 2022.

The purpose of the university projects is to:

  • Encourage innovation.
  • Create new and attractive jobs in the fisheries industry of the West Fjords or in sectors connected with it.
  • Gather knowledge, backed by science, about the extent of the resources that are available to the West Fjords from the sea.

This is an opportunity for students who are completing their master's degree or doctoral studies to work on projects in the fields of business and social sciences in connection with the fisheries sector. The academic disciplines that apply to these projects are therefore many and varied.

Application information

Applications are submitted electronically and can be accessed on the project site titled Hafsjór af hugmyndum (A sea of ideas).