The project facilitates interdisciplinary cultural knowledge exchange opportunities between academia and industry partners in the creative industries across the UK and China to bridge digital skills gaps and encourage innovative practice. Specifically, Augmented Fashion seeks to educate the consumer about the craftsmanship, heritage, value and sustainability of traditional fashion and textile products, using a variety of media, such as immersive technologies and Human-Computer Interactive (HCI) applications, to interact and engage with new generations of audiences and consumers. Fashion has embraced technology, with Immersive Technologies increasingly being used as powerful digital tools to create interactive consumer experiences to market designs. Given these recent technological developments, it is timely to reflect on their potential purpose within the context of a more sustainable global fashion and textile industry.

Themes: Augmented Reality in Fashion and Textiles; Virtual reality in Fashion and Textiles; Sustainable and Immersive Technologies; Slow Fashion and Immersive Technologies; Fashion Textiles and HCI.

Virtual for presentations
On-site for exhibition and selected workshops (RGU, DHU)

Deadline: 30 April 2022

Link for further information: The International Conference on Augmented Fashion: ICAF 2022 - Augmented Fashion.