Committee members will serve a one-year term and participate in regular committee meetings approximately four to six times through the year.

The ARCUS Membership Committee is a standing committee established by the ARCUS Board of Directors to plan and support activities for ARCUS members and the wider Arctic research community, including planning and hosting the ARCUS Annual Meeting. Members of the committee involved in ARCUS Annual Meeting planning may meet more regularly in advance of this virtual fall event. This opportunity allows committee members to serve an active role in developing and strengthening relationships with fellow ARCUS members.

Self-nominations from all disciplines, career levels, and research backgrounds are welcome. However, as this group’s function is to support ARCUS member engagement, ARCUS is primarily looking for nominations from ARCUS individual members, institutional member representatives, or institutional representative designees. Serving members of this committee must be employed by an ARCUS member organization and/or be willing to join ARCUS as an individual member. You do not currently need to be an ARCUS member to submit a nomination or self-nomination.

Nominations should be sent to Brit Myers at and include:

  • Name, affiliation, and contact information;
  • Resume, curriculum vitae, or link to a professional webpage;
  • A brief statement explaining why you or your nominee would like to be part of the committee and what you/they would like to contribute; and
  • For those nominating a colleague, confirmation that the nominee is aware of the nomination and is willing to serve on the committee.

Nomination deadline: 25 April 2022

For more information and questions, contact:
Brit Myers