The primary goal of this workshop is to generate synergies and international cooperation to develop more accurate and complete reference bed topography data for robust assessments of ice discharge from all around Antarctica. The secondary goal is to discuss relevant science plans for the ice sheet’s marginal zone.

We welcome both Action Group members and non-members from multiple disciplines related to RINGS. We uphold SCAR’s values of diversity and inclusion and strongly encourage Early Career Researchers to attend the workshop. Full information about this workshop is available at:

The workshop was originally planned in March but postponed due to pandemic. We hope recently improving pandemic situations will allow all interested travel to Norway in June. New registration is required even if you registered for the planned March workshop. To broaden the community, we offer online participation to talk and poster sessions this time. However, discussion sessions are for onsite participants only.

Registration deadline for onsite participation: 10 April (your early registration helps us greatly and secures your spot!)

Registration deadline for online participation: 25 June (if you present poster, please register by 1 June)