"The significance of the project lies in expanding the participation of the creative Arctic in the global cultural process, promoting the creative achievements of the region, bringing together the goals and objectives of Russian and world modern culture, borrowing the experience of educational institutions in solving teaching problems," said Anna Petrova-Karahit, the organizer  of the project.

The expert commission, which included the rector of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Art Sargylana Ignatieva, the director of the Art Fund of the RS (Y) Olga Skorikova, the deputy director for academic affairs of the Higher Institute of Applied Arts of the city Rennes Sclerygen Havui and his colleague Magda Mrovek and associate professor of the Department of Folklore and Culture of the IACN SV RF NEFU Iya Pokatilova , summed up the results of the competition within the framework of the triennial. Works were accepted in two categories (artist-master and young artist) and exhibited in different locations in online/offline formats. 


Article in Russian: Объявлены итоги II Международной арктической триеннале «Арктический хронотоп-2021» » Арктический государственный институт культуры и искусств (agiki.ru)