The Maternal and Child Health Working Group’s vision is to promote and advocate for a human-rights based approach to improving health outcomes and equity in the circumpolar region. These approaches are underpinned by the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights, The Convention on the Rights of the Child and The Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Group aspires to:
• nurture collaborative relationships both within the groups as well as across and beyond the region,
• offer support to maternal and child health projects,
• advocate for ethical collaborations with Indigenous people and their families,
• and produce scientific articles that can contribute towards improving the health and wellbeing of Arctic
mothers, children and families

The following have expressed interest in being an active member of the MCH Working
1. Amber Miners, Dr. MD, FRCPC, Umingmak Child Advocacy Centre and Qikiqtani General Hospital (Canada)
2. Anita Vaskinn, PhD student, UiT The Arcitc University of Norway (Norway)
3. Astrid M.A. Eriksen, Center for Sami Research, UiT (Norway)
4. Berit Schei, Department of Public Health and Nursing, NTNU (Norway)
5. Christine Ingemann, PhD student, Ilisimatusarfik (Greenland) and University of Southern Denmark
6. Elena Nechaeva, PhD student, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway & Russia)
7. Laila L. Wilhelmsen, SANKS – Finnmarkssykehuset
8. Laura Arbour, Professor, University of Victoria (Canada)
9. Maria Wielsøe, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University (Denmark)
10. Mary D. Allen, Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage (USA)
11. Neil Murphy, MD, Southcentral Foundation, (USA)
12. Pertice Moffitt, (Canada)
13. Rebecca Rich
14. Ruth Montgomery, Dr.PH, Ilisimatusarfik (Greenland)
15. Sarah Ireland, Charles Darwin University (Australia)
16. Sheona Mitchell-Foster, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia (Canada)
17. Shirley Tagalik, Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre (Canada)
18. Siv Kvernmo, Professor, UiT The Arcitc University of Norway (Norway)
19. Trina Fyfe, University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)
20. Zoua M. Vang, Associate Professor, McGill University (Canada).

Contact: Thematic Network Co-Lead Christine Ingemann <>