The Academy will run from 2022-2025 and will involve four intensive meetings, including field trips and courses, where senior and junior faculty, post-docs, and graduate students as well as local stakeholders from around the Arctic will gather to learn and exchange information and develop new insights for Arctic sustainability.

TN and Project Lead, Professor Karin Buhmann, explains: “Designed to investigate one of the most pressing issues in the world today, the Academy will focus on pathways to a socially just green transition which will benefit Arctic communities, public and private stakeholders, and the planet as a whole.”

The Academy is a partnership between the Copenhagen Business School and the Universities of Helsinki, Northern British Columbia, and Tyumen. The first Academy will be hosted in August 2022 by the University of Helsinki. Details of how to apply for a seat in the Helsinki Academy will be announced shortly.  

Please direct any questions about the Academy to Professor Karin Buhmann ( or Professor Paul Bowles (