Newly graduated with a thesis about sustainable tourism in the Icelandic small islands, Francesca holds a BA in Nordic Languages and Literature from Sorbonne University in Paris and a MA in West Nordic Studies with specialization in political science and environment from the University of Iceland. She took part in various exchange programs in Norway, Greenland and the Faroe Islands and works as a tourism professional in the Nordic countries when there are no major global health crises on sight.

Her research interests range from island studies, tourism practices and museology to social and environmental sustainability mainstreaming within the Arctic context. While she works as an event coordinator intern for the International Secretariat, she is eager to learn as much as she can about both the members and the projects that UArctic is working on.

She considers this opportunity as a springboard towards direct engagement in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable Arctic. In the future, she aims to continue hands-on working with these issues. She fluently speaks four languages and hopes to master Finnish too, one day. 

Francesca has also written articles for blogs, news- and student papers and she is going to participate in the making of the next issue of the Shared Voices magazine. In her free time, she would ideally be at home making dinner plans, watching arthouse movies or cartoons, and listening to obscure bands with oddly long names.