The Thematic Network on Arctic Safety and Security consists of 23 leading universities and research institutes from all Arctic countries, representing a formidable competence resource for companies, governments and communities.

The Arctic Safety & Security collaboration aims at producing knowledge to mitigate risks and threats to life, environment and communities in the Arctic. They take a lead in competence development that strengthens safety and security in the Arctic within the following areas:

  • Strengthening resilience management competence in the Arctic via knowledge, networks and community development platforms
  • Utilization of innovations in the field of emergency preparedness and response
  • Intensifying research, applied actions, innovation and development to answer the “post-pandemic” reality in the Arctic regions

During the open webinar you will learn more about Arctic safety and security and the work the Thematic Network does in this field. You will also get a chance to join the discussion, provide recommendations and discuss partnerships.

Together we will be able to tap into the required collective knowledge for increased societal safety in the Arctic region.


  • Introduction to the UArctic Safety and Security Thematic Network (Natalia Andreassen, Associate Professor, Nord University Business School)
  • Arctic Safety and Security - Global Dimensions and Two-Way Interaction: climate change & environment, geopolitics & economics, pandemics (Pekka Iivari, PhD, Head of Safety and Security, Lapland University of Applied Sciences)
  • Competence development and joint training and exercises in the field of safety, security and emergency preparedness (Odd Jarl Borch, Professor, Nord University Business School)
  • Questions/Answers session

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The webinar will take place on June 18, 2021 at 14:30-15:00 (UTC +1) via Zoom.

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