IARPC has released a draft of the next five-year Arctic Research Plan, which will span from 2022-2026. IARPC is now asking the public to comment on the draft plan by 11 June 2021. To provide additional information about the draft plan contents and development, IARPC is hosting a series of one-hour information sessions.

Each information session will provide an overview of IARPC, the timeline for developing the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026, the contents of the draft plan, and how to submit comments on the draft. In addition to this information, each webinar will provide a deeper dive into one of the plan priority areas or the foundational activities. This webinar will focus on implementation of the plan.

For more information, including Zoom connection information, go to:
Event webpage

For questions, contact:
Liz Weinberg
Email: liz@iarpccollaborations.org
Phone: 503-893-8910