Organized by Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center, Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS) II – project, the Human Resource Development Platform for Japan- Russia Economic Cooperation and Personnel Exchange (HaRP), UArctic Thematic Network on the Arctic in Asia, Asia in the Arctic and UiT The Arctic University of Norway, the workshop will take place on June 9, 2021, 8:30-10:00 (Norway, GMT+2)/9:30-11:00(NWRussia, GMT +3)/15:30-17:00 (Japan, GMT +9 ). 

The Barents cooperation played a pioneering role during the early post-Cold War years, but what can be said about its present condition and the future prospects? What is the relationship between the Arctic and Barents cooperation? What are the major challenges and what are the recent success stories of the Barents cooperation? What other initiatives aiming to foster interregional cooperation (in the context of the Arctic and North) can learn from the Barents cooperation? Can the Barents cooperation offer lessons and best practices for regional cooperation in the North East Asia or Asia as a whole?

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