The school will introduce young generation of researchers to special topics in atmospheric and environmental sciences, Earth system modelling approaches and applications.

During the school, participants will learn about the current progress and challenges in Earth system research; meteorological, hydrological and atmospheric composition modelling and observations (including ground-based and remote-sensing); and modern technologies for environmental studies and assessments (including health impacts). The programme will consist of theoretical lectures and practical exercises (to be accomplished by students as small-scale research projects ending with presentation of the project results).

Originally planned YSS for summer of 2020 was postponed due to covid pandemic. Professor Sergej Zilitinkevich (1936-2021) was one the key organizers of the School, promoting for research community, and especially, for the younger generation, the importance of atmospheric and environmental sciences, approaches in the Earth system modelling and their applications. This School is organized in the Memory of Professor Sergej Zilitinkevich.

The School programme includes 6 blocks of lectures: (1) Current progress & challenges in Earth system research (atmosphere-hydrosphere- biosphere); (2) Modelling (Earth system, numerical weather prediction, atmospheric chemical transport, seamless online integrated, atmospheric boundary layer) and specific challenges; (3) Chemistry (gas, liquid) and aerosols (properties, dynamics, chemistry, micro-physics, interactions); (4) Emissions, data assimilation, models evaluation; (5) Ground-based and remote sensing observations; EU and Russian strategies for hydro-meteorological, ecosystems and atmospheric composition monitoring; SMEAR stations; measurements for atmospheric composition, ecosystems, meteorological, hydrological, urban scale; and (6) GIS technologies in environmental sciences; environmental (land, water, terrestrial ecosystems) and human health assessments. The lectures are followed by practical exercises as Small-Scale Research Projects (SSRP) on selected research topics to be accomplished by groups of students led by teachers.

YSS announcement

YSS programme

Registration deadline: 1 November 2021

Target audience: young researchers (Post Docs, PhDs, MSc, advanced BSc students)

Working language: English

Hosts: University of Helsinki (UHEL, Helsinki, Finland) & Moscow State University (MSU, Moscow, Russia)