Arctic State Institute of Culture and Art and partners invite to International Science-Art Virtual Bridge “Chyskhaan+Kº=Keepers of the World Cold”, in the frameworks of the regional festival “Winter starts from Yakutia”

Starting date: December 1, 2020 

Goal: Create an online platform to connect people and nations who have created eco-spiritual cultures of co-evolution in cold areas, with the aim of developing long-term strategies for enhancing collective resilience, the development of arts and education, the joy of solidarity, preserving the health of people and the planet in the face of COVID-19 challenges and global climate change.


1. Restore the continuity and construction of characters of Cold and Winter among different nations as symbols of endurance, values of Good and Peace;

2. Enhance the spiritual, informational and environmental security through the revival of deep memory about the human mission on Earth, its global integrity and human interconnectedness;

3. Position the neo-mythical images of Cold and Winter, created for the tourism business and festive culture, towards the creation of a community of Keepers of the World Cold;

4. Personalise the creators of cultures of cold territories, cultural and civilizational codes of Beauty at low temperatures, collective memory of the future;

5. Stimulate the conscious passionary impulse in the Arctic as the upper chakras of the Earth and the purpose of the residents of cold territories as guarantors of human and planet health;

6. Create a common educational, creative and scientific platform.

Meetings on the virtual bridge are planned to be organized online with their location showed on the map: the name of each participant will be highlighted and revealed by the creative presentation of the characters of Cold and Winter, and their interpretations by methods of science, culture and arts. But, given the instability of online connection, we encourage sending a video presentation in advance.

Each character of Cold and Winter will give video answers to the following questions:

1. What things, events in the world in the past year did you enjoy the most? What reassures you that humanity will have a bright future?

2. How have you been experiencing the Corona time as a character?

3. In your view, what is the power and beauty of Cold?

4. Do you think it is within our power to keep the planet clean, to protect it from threats? What should we do so that the ice stops the rapid melting, and the cold continues to come to us from year to year?

5. Do you consider it necessary to pack Christmas and New Year's gifts in ecological materials? What can you suggest?

6. You travel a lot around the world. In this regard, we are interested in how you think, based on your personal observations, what kind of impact climate change has on the winter roads in your region?

7. Your image is inextricably linked with the image of cold, snow and frost. The image of the Sakha (Yakut) Chyskhaan is intended to encourage people to preserve the cold and the natural environment. Can you also become the Keeper of the World Cold?

Technical requirements for the video:

Video format: MPEG4. The recommended video resolution is 1920x1080. The duration of the video is up to 15 minutes.

Videos may include information about the team of authors. The video may use photographs and other visual information materials.

The language:

1) characters of Winter and Cold speak their native languages;

2) Russian speakers – in Russian with English subtitles. If it is not possible to make subtitles on our own, it will be made in automatic mode;

3) Non-Russian speakers – in English. We will produce the subtitles in Russian at ASICA.

Please, apply for participation by contacting

Information will be available at

Academic coordinator of the project – Uliana A. Vinokurova, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Head of the Scientific Research Center of Circumpolar Civilization (Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts, Honorary Polar Explorer of the Russian Federation (tel. +74112344460,