The first book was published in 2014, "Relate North: Engagement, Art and Representation" and the sixth "Relate North: Collaborative Art, Design and Education" was published in 2019. The series is dedicated to the exploration and sharing of contemporary practices in arts-based research and academic knowledge exchange in the fields of arts, design and visual culture education. Each volume consists of scientific peer-reviewed chapters and visual essays. The Relate North series will be of interest to academic researchers, artists, designers, art educators and practice-based researchers. This call is for contributions to the latest book, scheduled for late 2020.

Relate North is an English (UK) language, peer-reviewed publication. The terms ‘art’ and ‘design’ should be interpreted broadly to include, for example, crafts, indigenous making, media and product or service design. Chapters and visual essays are sought for the next book, which focus on the general theme of ‘tradition and innovation’

Given the theme of the book, we are particularly interested in chapters that reflect on the relationship between tradition and innovation in art / or design. What role might innovative, contemporary practices have in relation to traditional ways of making and creating? How might local, traditional arts and crafts benefit from recent innovations in, for example, media, technology, transport or the creative industries?

The editors invite, in the first instance, submission of a synopsis (abstract) of the proposed contribution (no more than 500 words). Deadline: Monday 30 March 2020.

The editors will review the synopses and invite selected authors to write chapters and visual essays to the next stage (full chapter or visual essay to double blind peer review). All contributors should note that the deadline for full manuscripts is Monday 25 May 2020.

The previous volumes of Relate North.

Submissions: Synopsis should be emailed to editors Glen Coutts: and Timo Jokela:, University of Lapland.

Read the full call and author guidelines here, or visit the networks website.