The conference brought together researchers from natural and social sciences to facilitate dialogue among experts with the aim of comparing observations from these regions, tracing causal chains, and connecting the global and local scale of analysis. The conference workshops introduced problem-based issues in biodiversity, urbanization, permafrost, health and risk management.

One of the round-tables raised the issues of enhancing awareness of the changing Arctic to increase the scientific and public understanding of the region, was moderated by UArctic Vice-President Interregional Marina Kalinina (NArFU), and including panelists from UArctic: Board member Peter Skold (Umeå University), Thematic Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education lead Tuija Turunen (University of Lapland), Thematic Network on Science Diplomacy lead Paul Berkman (Tufts University) and Kirsi Latola, Director of Thematic Networks (University of Oulu). The experts shared their vision on cooperation and communication on Arctic science, the role of teacher education and a need to empower Arctic inhabitants, the role of social science, local and traditional knowledge.