The primary task of the AMAP Secretariat is to support the work of the AMAP Working Group (WG), which includes: developing and implementing circumpolar monitoring and assessment activities, as described in the AMAP multi-year work-plan; delivering scientific assessment products, including identifying and managing finances associated with this work; preparing meetings and assisting the AMAP WG Chair in reporting to the Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials (SAOs).

Responsibilities of the Executive Secretary include:

  • Leading and managing the day-to-day operation of the Secretariat.
  • Managing the AMAP Secretariat human resources (staff of seven employees), including salaries and employment conditions, recruitment, dismissal and professional development.
  • Supporting the development and implementation of the AMAP multi-year work-plan that is agreed by the AMAP WG in response to requests from the Arctic Council.
  • Tracking and reporting to the AMAP WG on the status and progress of AMAPs work to develop programmes, activities, timelines and milestones associated with the production and delivery of assessment reports as well as other outreach and communication activities.
  • Coordinating AMAP work as appropriate with that of other Arctic Council WGs, other subsidiary Arctic Council bodies, and relevant non-Arctic Council organizations.
  • Identifying, acquiring, managing and reporting on finances necessary to implement AMAP programme activities and related work.
  • Ensuring the necessary contact with relevant international and regional institutions and organizations to secure a cost-efficient monitoring and assessment network.
  • Ensuring effective communication of AMAP work to the wider scientific and policy-making communities.

Deadline for applying: August 25, 2017

For the full call, including qualifications and terms, please see the job announcement.