The positions at the Thule Institute of the University of Oulu, Finland are open in the following research projects:

Position 1. Macroecology and diversity of species interactions
Position 2. Impact of extreme weather events in the Arctic on technological system, critical facilities and urban environment
Position 3. Understanding and predicting environmental change in northern rivers: biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a changing climate
Position 4. Climate and Atmospheric Effects of the Sun in Arctic Regions (CAESAR)
Position 5. Towards the genomic era in species identification and delimitation
Position 6. Ecology and evolution in trophic interactions in changing boreal forest habitats
Position 7. Loss of ice in the Arctic system: geological perspective of global environmental change
Position 8. Mesospheric Monitoring of Ozone above the Polar Vortex (MeMO)
Position 9. Impact of mining on the rate of molecular aging in Arctic wildlife

The deadline for applying is 30 June 2017.

For more information and to apply online: