The following scientific sections will work at the conference: 

  • Production of machines and equipment operating in the Arctic conditions

  • Economics and management at factories influencing the Arctic environment

  • Construction in the Arctic conditions

  • Ecological aspects of the Arctic territories reclamation

  • Metallurgical enterprises operation in the Arctic Zone

  • Mining in the Arctic conditions 

  • Health maintenance technologies

  • Physics and Mathematics

  • Social and economic development of industry-based cities 

  • Theory and methodology of technical education

  • Energy and resource-saving technologies at the Arctic enterprises

  • Information and telecommunication systems and technologies in the Arctic industrial territories

Norilsk State Industrial Institute invites interested researchers and specialists to take part in the conference. Participation is available either in person or by correspondence. Application forms should be sent in by April 6. Materials for publication are accepted until May 15.

Scientific articles will be published summarizing the conference results.

More details can be found in the attached information letter.
Please don’t hesitate to contact the conference organizers by e-mail: