NArFU offers following programs and schools:

  1. Russian Studies (autumn semester 2017)

The program attracts students from all over the world and enables them to acquire knowledge of Russian history, culture, language, and society by offering them a semester program at a Russian university.

  1. The course of the Russian language (2 semesters)

Different levels are available: from absolute beginner to advanced (A1-C1). The duration of the course depends on a number of applicants and can vary: from 1 month to a whole academic year.

  1. EU and Russia in the Arctic: History of Cultural and Political Interaction (Master studies, 1-semester program)

The course introduces students to the EU Arctic policy as a dynamic phenomenon, including historical memories, contemporary practices, and experiences of diverse nations (Nordic countries, Russia) and communities (indigenous ethnic groups, modern diasporas) living in the High North.

  1. Summer School of the Russian language and culture (June 2017)

  2. Autumn School of the Russian language and culture (September 2017)

Summer and Autumn Schools of the Russian Language and Culture give unique chances to start learning Russian from scratch or improve your existing knowledge in authentic Northern Russian settings. What is so special about learning Russian in Arkhangelsk? Unlike large modern cities, Arkhangelsk is the place where you can find real Russia, almost untouched by Western influence, Russia that can be found only in remote locations.

  1. Diverse Arctic: Local challenges — Global changes (Spring semester 2018)

This interdisciplinary English-taught program gives insights into societies, politics, history and cultures of the Arctic region with special focus on the Russian North.

  1. Master programs (2 semesters)

NArFU offers various master programs for international students. You can choose courses from one or more programs for your semester exchange.

The application deadline is the 15th of May, 2017

Northern (Arctic) Federal University is located in the North-West of Russia, in the city of Arkhangelsk, which has a long and glorious history. All exchange programs include excursions to the most picturesque sights of the Arkhangelsk region such as an open-air museum of northern wooden architecture Malye Korely, the Lomonosovo Village – the birthplace of a multitalented Russian scientist Lomonosov. Exchange students will be able to feel the charm of Russian winter and nature, experience the hospitality of Northern people and take part in traditional fests such as Arctic Day, Russian Pancake week and many other exciting events. 

Studies include different forms of work: lectures, seminars, presentations, group and individual research projects, workshops and screening sessions.

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