First, from an academic perspective, as I am a Master in Law student at the University of Copenhagen and I have been always concerned about the Arctic, my period in Rovaniemi gave me a broader view for a future research in Arctic Law. The chance of being related with Arctic topics and with specialists on the matter was a remarkable tool for my career.

In addition, during my internship, I had the possibility to attend to the Korean Academy on the Law of the Sea, in Yeosu (South Korea), where I had the opportunity to study in deep the Arctic Ocean. The Korea Maritime Institute (a non-arctic member of the UArctic) served as Secretariat of the Academy.

Second, from a labour perspective, the internship allowed me to earn fundamental concepts as how I should work in an international environment. The Secretariat’s meetings were always a source of knowledge since I was able to listen and learn from my colleagues. Also, it worth to mention that the University of Lapland provides the Secretariat with the best of the facilities so it was very easy to work in such an amazing environment.

Third, it is necessary to say that the city of Rovaniemi is incredible. It is a paradise in the middle of the North of Finland. Since it was winter, I had the chance of doing incredible activities such cross-country skiing. Also, I could admire one the most fantastic thing on earth; I had the opportunity of observing northern lights mostly every day. In addition, during my period in Rovaniemi, I met the real Santa Claus. Yes, he is real and its office is 10 kilometres from Rovaniemi city centre and you are able to visit him during the whole year.

Lastly (I left the best part for the end), my colleagues in the Secretariat and in the University of Lapland are the most nicely people that I have ever met. I have learnt a lot from all of them. I hope one day I can visit Rovaniemi again and enjoy another Pikkujoulu with them.

In conclusion, my period as an intern at the UArctic Secretariat left me an unforgettable experience, not only professionally but also personally, and I would recommend any student to take part of this project.