The University of Lapland launches the new Master's Degree Programme in Northern Tourism in the autumn semester 2018. It is hosted by the UArctic Thematic Network on Northern Tourism, and it includes a 30-credit joint component of online and field studies organized in collaboration by Cape Breton University, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Umeå University, University of Iceland, the University of Lapland, the University of Oulu and Vancouver Island University.

One of the forces behind the new programme, Associate Professor Outi Rantala from the University of Lapland, describes the birth process of the programme as a natural continuum of collaboration. The representatives from the partner universities have collaborated since 2008 in the context of the Thematic Network, both through multidisciplinary research projects on Arctic tourism and through sketching a joint master’s degree on northern tourism.

“The idea of the programme is to bring together the tourism expertise that we have in our northern universities,” Rantala describes. “Through the programme the students get first-hand information from ongoing research projects, learn about the latest research results, and can be involved in research activities. Hence, our students can compare the cases and knowledge more widely in northern areas, even though they would be studying in a relatively small university,” she continues about the benefits of the master's programme.

As the Arctic has increased its presence in global public attention mainly due to geopolitical tensions, climate change and globalization, it has also become an increasingly popular tourism destination. The Thematic Network on Northern Tourism has recognized that there is a demand for education based on multidisciplinary research on tourism which addresses the various challenges facing the northern and Arctic region.

Visit for more information about the programme, application deadlines and eligibility criteria. The application period begins in December 2017.