A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between both this week. The staff of the APECS International Directorate at AWI will include the APECS Executive Director, Dr. Gerlis Fugmann, and Heike Midleja as new half-time APECS Administrative Assistant (currently Administrative Assistant for the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)).

The APECS is an international and interdisciplinary organization for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, early faculty members, educators and others with interests in the polar and alpine regions and the wider cryosphere. By providing networking and career development opportunities, APECS’ activities aim to: a) raise the profile of polar research; b) develop effective leaders in research, education and outreach; and c) stimulate interdisciplinary and international research collaborations. To achieve this, APECS works with many partners in the international polar research community and has, among others, close connections with IASC and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) with whom it has had a Memorandum of Understanding since 2008.

The AWI is a well-recognized polar research institution with high international standing engaged in research both in the Arctic and Antarctic. It provides infrastructure for polar research to national and international researchers and is active in many international committees for polar research. AWI will provide a stimulating environment for APECS through a wide scientific network, international visitors, frequent workshops and summer schools, and APECS will provide improved linkages between AWI and the next generation of polar researchers.