Conference themes:

Human health benefits from household water and sanitation in Arctic rural communities

Climate change impacts on water and sanitation infrastructure in the Arctic

Innovative engineering approaches to increase access to water of adequate quality and quantity, including water reuse

Methods of ownership, operations and maintenance to maximize useful life of water and sewer systems in the Arctic

Regulations and policies affecting access to and the cost of providing adequate quantities of water in the home

Conference registration:

There is no registration fee. However, due to space and cost limitations and to ensure broad participation from different countries and areas of expertise, attendance is by invitation only. If you would like to attend the WIHAH conference and/or give a presentation, please provide information about how your expertise or experiences would add value to the conference by filling out the “Expression of Interest” web form due on the corresponding date indicated below.

Important dates:

Participants who want to present at the conference must submit the Expression of Interest web form by July 15, 2016. The form includes a field for abstract submission (300 words max). Types of presentation include 20 to 40 minute talks, posters, and exhibition or demonstration of an innovation.

Participants who want to attend the conference without giving a presentation must submit the Expression of Interest web form by July 29, 2016.

All expenses paid for participants whose abstracts are chosen.

You can find more information here.