The theme of this Rectors’ Forum meeting is The Inhabited Arctic: Lands, Peoples and Scholarship in the Circumpolar North. We believe this theme addresses issues that are important for all universities of the Circumpolar North. Institution leaders (i.e. rectors, chancellors, presidents, provosts, vice-rectors, vice-chancellors, vice-presidents, vice-provosts, etc.) are eligible to participate as formal delegates in the Rectors’ Forum. They may, in addition, bring along expert advisor(s) and/or support staff as part of their delegation.

Following the UArctic Rectors’ Forum, the University of Aberdeen is organizing an associated international conference from August 27th to 29th, 2017, on the theme: Conversations from the North: Scholars of many disciplines and inhabitants of many places in dialogue with one another, with animals and plants, and with the land, to which you and your faculty and students are also warmly invited. An excursion for participants including castles, whisky distilleries, archaeological sites and stone circles will be organized on August 26th, between the two events.

We will continue the practice of organizing a UArctic Student Forum in conjunction with the Rectors’ Forum. You are invited to sponsor one or two students from your institution to participate in the Student Forum. If your institution is already hosting a UArctic Student Ambassador, we would strongly encourage you to bring them as your student representative, where they would have a leading role. Your institution will be responsible for the costs associated with the participation of your student representative(s).

The preliminary programme and registration information for both the Rectors’ Forum and the Conference can be found at