The University of the Arctic is widely known in academia for its unique international network, which brings together universities and research centers of the North for the purpose of fostering sustainable development of Northern territories. We often hear about the UArctic in news as well, as its website and Shared Voices magazine are very popular in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Becoming a participant of the University of the Arctic is a unique opportunity to be a part of an international team. It is a great chance to exchange knowledge, develop international cooperation, and work within thematic networks. Our institute aims to create an integrated system of scientific, educational and athletic programs to further sustain the development of human capital in the North, which corresponds with the mission and values of the University of the Arctic.

Our main interest is to establish communication with circumpolar institutions for informational and experiential exchanges in physical culture and sport. We are open for cooperation in:   

national sports and traditional means of indigenous peoples’ physical activity in the North; safety and security in the North; ethno-pedagogy in the field of physical education; the continuous education of children and young people in sport; innovative technologies and methods of developing the skills of sport participants; optimization of the physical status of people who live in the Arctic.

In the future we plan to create a thematic network on the development of physical culture and sport in the North. We also want to participate in future UArctic activities so as to fully integrate into this large international network.