The Program Committee of the 4th International Indigenous Voices In Social Work Conference, June 11th–15th, 2017 Alta, Norway, invites researchers, social workers and other authors to submit abstracts for oral presentation for parallel sessions during the Conference.

The parallel sessions are conducted as symposia, workshops or film session.

The symposia/workshops are based on assumed Abstracts on the following topics:

a. Healing and social work practice with individuals and families

b. Restorative practice

c. Community work and empowerment

d. Indigenism and transition in social work education

e. Indigenous based knowledge and research

f. Decolonization and anti-marginalization


Head of Program Committee ALTA 2017 Jan Erik Henriksen

Project manager ALTA 2017, Christina Hætta / +47 48 02 17 34


Facebook: @Alta2017