You can download the previous version of Relate North: Art, Heritage and Identity, which was published in late 2015.

The Thematic Network is now seeking contributions for the next issue, please see attached call and share widely in your networks. This year we are asking potential authors to submit a short synopsis in the first instance. Once again we are looking for both articles and visual essays.  

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Other news:  

Relate North 2015-Exhibition and Symposium took place at the University of Alaska,  Anchorage, in November, many thanks to the hosts and especially our colleague Dr Din.

The ASAD web pages will be redesigned over the next two to three months. When that is done we will be asking each partner organisation to enter some images and text about their research and teaching.

Relate North 2016-Exhibition and Symposium on the theme of ' Practising Place: Art & Design for Creative Communities' will take place in Scotland 8-10 November 2016!  More information will follow soon.  Put the date in your diary.





Thank you for contacting the Relate North team.  Visit the ASAD web pages.